Additional Surveillance Margin on Trading Members who have traded for substantial activity in scrips having unsolicited SMS.

In continuation of various Surveillance measures already implemented, SEBI and Exchanges in a joint meeting have decided that, in stocks wherein unsolicited SMSs have been found to be circulated and has resulted in an increased trading activity, an additional surveillance margin of 25% shall be levied on the Trading Members who have a substantial trading activity in these stocks. The additional margin shall be applicable in Equity and Equity Derivatives Segment.

The trading members identified by the Exchanges shall be informed individually about the additional margins and the same shall be effective from April 23, 2018.

The above surveillance measures are without prejudice to the right of SEBI and Exchanges to take any other surveillance measures, in any manner, on a case to case basis or holistically depending upon the situation and the circumstances as may be warranted.

This circular is being issued by the Exchange as a surveillance measure with a view to ensure market safety & safeguard interest of investors.