The Content of  the Website is protected under the Intellectual Property Right (law) of India. Few Sections of the Website are not downloadable to a Registered user but are available to them for viewing only because these sections provide model guideline on Model Policy and Compliance Procedure Which are subject to change based on Regulatory Changes may be made by SEBI or respective exchange .The user needs to make it tailor made in accordance with the scale of function, its operative policy , various conflict of interest and business model under which the stock brokers operate.

However if the users desire that Certain Research work may be made available to them and the user agrees to share the improved /individual version with the Administrator (Admin) then the Request may be considered by the Editorial board ,who reserves the right of sharing of information on model policies,compliance procedure and classified circulars. Further, the Admin may transfer the relevant Content on downloading section and the same would be made available to the relevant log in id’s for limited period. Alternatively the material will be sent to users or Student on email. The Admin may formulate policies of sharing of Information which may be on chargeable basis over and above the Annual Subscriptions.